The record label

We are a musical adventure that started in 2005 when an MC and a DJ hooked up and, with a third and essential member, decided to bring their vision, rhymes and beats to the scene in the true Hip Hop spirit. The emcee, [dajzœlski] and the beatmaker Deejay Lyrik are Hip Hop aficionados, and together with Bacchi, they share an interest in playing live music, collecting old vinyl and producing beats and records. They all love jazzy beats, poetry and flow and would like to bring a little bit of positivity and musicality to the french rap scene.

In 2006 they created their own record label, Coffee Break Records, and joined forces with people who share their interest in Hip Hop, production and graphics. In May 2006, they started their catalogue, releasing their first three records as a collection of 7 inch singles.

Hip Hop breaks and beats, real horns and lyricism are some of the ingredients the people at coffee break put into their home cooking.

In 2013, a new digital-only division arise…