Kick Sale

cbr007 Lemdi&Moax 45 toursLemdi&Moax is a French-speaking rap duo, whose first album Negropolitain is coming soon on CoffeeBREAKrecords.

To anticipate this LP, here’s the first single from the album, the songs Egoïste/Kick Sale, produced by aCatCalledFritz and Breiss (Pickinny/Meauxtown) is the result of two years work and research, with a familly of musiciens & sound passionates.

The encounter with Fritz’s special universe featuring Deejay Lyrik’s jazz oriented music and DJ Lumi’s soulful influences give a colourful, vibrant album. The perfect chemistry of rhythms and live instrumentation combined with inspired lyrics gives an example of what’s going on in the French RapGame nowadays- with a little touch of class


2 Tracks, French speaking & street oriented Rap, produced by aCatCalledFritz & Breiss

Négropolitain coming soon on CoffeeBREAKrecords.

Kick Sale / Egoïste
7′ 45 RPM vinyl / digital
300 ex.