Café Crème

Café Crème is a compilation of 5 years of work, vinyl releases and production, including various artists from our musical sphere, remixes and instrumentals, unreleased tracks, and a sample of our up and coming albums, such as Tribulation & Life of aCatCalledFritz and Negropolitain by Lemdi & Moax.

This is the come back of one of the most unexpected hip hop labels & crews, bringing some fresh vibes to the Paris City air. Twenty tracks of cool hip hop beats in our special coffee flavored style.

Alongside all the artists of the label, some special guests are invited on this compilation. From both sides of the atlantic ocean,  Chaotik Stylz (from Buffalo, New-York), Afu-Ra (New York City’s rap legend), T-Love (from Los Angeles),  and Replife (from Cleveland, Ohio) meets french artists Artisans du MicK-RoDJ KoziLow System ExprimentNaïssam JalalMedhi Chaïb and Julien Mercier.